Let Hillary Clinton Explain THIS to Poor People

Hillary Clinton’s explanation to receiving over $600,000 to speak to Goldman-Sachs was, “That’s what they paid me.”

Nice try, “Dead Broke”! Even Bernie Sanders knows the truth.

Hillary Clinton has been “on the take.” She’s smart enough not to make it obvious, except that to pay more than $1,000 for a Hillary speech should be a national security threat or something equivalent.

As a paid speaker, I know that we set our rates and we try to get what we believe to be what we are worth. I can honestly tell you, though I would love to make $350,000 a speech, I don’t believe I am worth that much, nor will I ever be. That’s not a slam on my abilities, just being realistic. If you are paying me that much to speak, I would have to believe that you want me to donate a kidney or perhaps father quite a few children for an ugly daughter.

In a time when Democrats talk about helping the poor and whatever other lies they tell, you have the Clintons running around the world speaking for outrageous fees, then trying to convince us that these organizations are simply interested in what they have to say. They are not. These organizations are BUYING influence.

According to Market Robots, this is the breakdown of ALL of Bill and Hillary Clintons’ speeches

Earlier today, when we reported that based on Hillary Clinton’s latest tax disclosure, she and her husband had made $139 million in gross income since 2007 has most of its from private speaking fees, an aspect that readers have based most fascinating was the breakdown of all the bribery, better known as the speeches of the two Clinton’s (as in hillary’s words came out of the White House “dead broke”) in 2013 which runs the course.

So due to popular demand, we attached the 2013 speech detail was first released last week, the full breakdown of Hillary and Bill in 2014 and 2015, the speech which had been made in the past as part of her mandatory disclosure in May of this year.

As Political risk, the disclosure omits an unknown number of posts to the Clinton delivered at the same time control the payment or honoraria to the Clinton Foundation, in spite of the instructions and guidance from the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, and says that the honoraria directed to a charity that should be reported.

In other words, MANY of the honoraria were paid directly to The Clinton Foundation. Nonetheless, even without that data, you can see that the numbers reported by the Clintons is staggering.

Market Robots continues,

We hope that it will surprise no one that the majority of the speech was bought and paid for by Wall Street and its “economic units” for this is what the hollow populist pandering is all about – pretending to be an “everyday American” and at the same time get paid tens of millions of Wall Street and in America’s largest companies.

Since 2013, Bill Clinton has been paid $ 26.6 million for 94 speech; Hillary’s grand total is slightly less: $21.7 million for the 92 private appearances.

Bill speeches 2013-2015

























Bill Clinton Speeches 2013-2015 chart









Hillary speeches 2013-2015



























Hillary Clinton Speeches 2013-2015 chart









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