Media: The Cult of Trump and Another Debate

Don’t ever believe that the media is out to get Trump. Certain individuals of the media, sure, but no one knows better than a reality TV star that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

As Chris Plante says frequently on his radio show,

“Arguably the most insidious power of the news media is the power to ignore.”

In other words, if they really wanted to take Trump out they would stop talking about him entirely.

After the first few months or so of his campaign, it became painfully obvious that Trump was virtually indestructible by conventional media weapons. In fact, that was one of his selling points. Our prickly, politically correct press atmosphere would have crushed lesser mortals for a fraction of the social justice blasphemy. Perhaps it is an example of just how out of touch even the conservative media is, assured of their ability to create or destroy candidates. Apparently that is no longer the case.

Did National Review really believe people would read their anti-Trump manifesto and a beam of enlightenment would shine down upon them? Of course not, people were either already on board or they take every arrow someone shoots at the Donald as a sign that he’s doing the right thing, and it doesn’t matter who shot it. This isn’t about whether he’s right or wrong, it’s about those that claim to oppose him doing precisely that which gives him strength. It’s either pathetically stupid or intentional.


Trump showed up to the ABC GOP debate, and I will get back with you on the ratings. My suspicion is that Trump brought no “Trump Bump” to this soiree.

After watching the GOP debate on ABC, I suspect that Trump may wish to recant his statement that he could shoot somebody in Times Square and not lose supporters. He didn’t fare well.

In one exchange with Jeb Bush, Trump got the biggest boos of the night, when he told Jeb Bush to “shhhh”, as Trump tried to explain how great eminent domain is. Jeb Bush actually took the fight to Trump, earlier tweeting that [Bush] mom made it out in the snow, so why couldn’t Trump. This was in response to Trump skipping a town hall meeting due to the snow. Put another way, you know life is getting difficult when the kid you used to bully gives you a bloody nose.

Trump held his own in the debate for the most part, giving his “pat” answers of he would do better than the losers doing it now. However, most observers would say that Trump did not have a good night at the last debate. Keep in mind that has been said of Trump after just about all the debates.

Trump aficionados don’t seem to care about Trump’s performance, as much as they care about his “being Trump.” I’m not sure they will feel the same, as what I saw on stage was a diminished Trump.

If he can make it through this last debate, I may have to declare the man “bulletproof.” I suspect the media will be covering a lot less of Trump, as others are now starting to make their moves.

How will Trump handle being ignored?



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