Meet Your New Doctor

Hello ObamaCare! This guy could be your next doctor.

A pre-med student at Columbia University decided to figure a way out of taking a Chemistry class, so he faked a hospital visit.

According to the Daily Mail, Terrell Finner posted a photo on Valentine’s Day of himself with a pair of headphones shoved in his nose and a Macbook charger across his arm to make it look as if he was hooked up to tubes in the hospital. He posted on Twitter.

‘I’m emailing these pics to my chem prof bc I had a nosebleed & had to be hospitalized & can’t take this midterm Wed, [sic]’

Creative: Columbia University student Terrell Finner has gained internet fame after using his earphones and a Macbook charger to appear as if he was in the hospital in order to skip out on his Midterms

Telling a tale: Terrell posted the image as a joke on Twitter and was subsequently retweeted by thousands

The stunt has been called “creative” and made Finner a viral sensation.

OK, so something that a 12-year old might try is called “creative.” And a guy who wants to be a doctor, but instead is an admitted slacker who doesn’t want to do the work is a “sensation.”

Oh that’s right, we now live in Bizarro World where the opposite is true.

Finner decided to try the juvenile ruse because he sneezed and his nose bled. That my friends is a “crisis that he couldn’t let go to waste.”

Forget that the computer charger is visible.

I’m sure the Columbia faculty are all having a good laugh about it. After all, they are the school that gave us Obama. Why not one more unqualified graduate, only this one won’t be president, but instead Surgeon General.