New Number One City for Crime

Move over Detroit, there’s a new Democrat-run, crime-ridden, crap hole in America!

In the wake of the Department of InJustice coming to Missouri to get the law in order, St. Louis, one of Missouri’s crown jewels has responded appropriately.


According to this report, St. Louis is now #1 on the FBI Most Violent Cities.

A list of the most violent cities in each state has been released, with St. Louis, Missouri taking the top spot.

Compiled from data released by the FBI charting crime in the first six months of 2015, the ‘Gateway City’ is followed by Memphis, Tennessee, Detroit, Michigan, Birmingham, Alabama, and Rockford, Illinois, to round out the top five.

The violent crimes listed by the FBI include rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and murder.

Because the data excludes states with cities that do not have populations over 100,000, Delaware, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming are not listed and ranked.

Such is the result of the Civil Rights Era v2, with it’s icon being Michael Brown, Jr. And this new rise in crime in almost all metropolitan areas is a direct result of Barack Obama’s Department of Justice.

In the article, Richard Rosenfeld, a professor of criminology at the University of Missouri-St Louis debunked the idea.

He told Forbes: ‘Homicides were going up in 2014 quite a bit before Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson. So it’s hard to attribute it to a so-called Ferguson effect because we began to see those increases before August 9.’

A typical academic, proof as to why I have written extensively on why we should abolish college.

Last year’s statistics of crime in almost all major cities spiked in the aftermath of Michael Brown, as did the number of attacks against law enforcement officers.

Already this year the number of law enforcement officers shot and killed in the line of duty has spiked. Yet, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton say the way to solve crime in black communities is to police the police. They put no responsibility on the animals living in these communities terrorizing blacks who simply want to get their part of the American Dream. To live in an inner city black community is truly the definition of being in hell.

There is no doubt a correlation between how the Fed handled the situation in Ferguson and the spike in crime rates in St. Louis, as well as cities across the nation. Instead of being a country of law and order, Eric Holder’s InJustice Department essentially granted black thugs a license to steal and kill. And academics and other Liberals’ idea to solve this problem is to punish the remaining citizens.

As long as Liberals are in political office nothing meaningful will be done about crime. America is a much more dangerous place, and it is directly related to the policies of the black racists who have set the new policies of non-enforcement of laws.



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