Obama’s New Holocaust

On the Saturday before MLK Day in a news-dump holiday weekend, it was announced that Obama and Iranians agreed to “exchange” prisoners for ten US Navy sailors being held by the Iranian Government.

The sailors were likely kidnapped in international waters, and forced on their knees with hands behind their heads while being screamed at in a foreign language.

Next, the US sailors appeared in a cell as scene two of a powerful propaganda piece was filmed by their Iranian captors so all the world could witness the forced genuflections. The coup de gras was the sailor who “apologized” and “thanked” the Iranians for their kind treatment while looking into the camera of the Iranian captors.

The sailors and four other Americans, including a Christian priest who was tortured and beaten for years while rotting in an Iranian jail, were finally released. However one hostage was not.

His name is Robert Levinson. And yes, Levinson is Jewish.

The reason Levinson wasn’t returned? According to the Iranians, they seem to have lost track of Bob. If you think Obama cares, think again.

The Obama Administration convinced Interpol to stop investigating the Iranian/Hezbollah blowup of the Israeli Embassy in Argentina in 1992 and a Jewish Center in that same country in 1994. A total of 116 were murdered, most of them Jews, while another 500 were injured.

At one time our Argentinian Pope—Cardinal Francis—was outraged by this murder. However since meeting with Obama, he hasn’t uttered a peep, even after the Pontiff met with the Iranian President, Hassan
Rouani.  Rouani went on to travel make billions in deals with the Italian Government…with the new Pope’s blessings.

Spokesperson for the State Department, John Kirby raved against Israeli attempts to fight the ongoing NGO (Non-Government Organization) invasion of the Holy Land. US-paid female Palestinians are assigned to throw rocks at IDF personnel and film their reaction, as the US markets the Israeli counter-attacks around the world.

US Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro eviscerated Israel for being too harsh on the marauding and murdering Palestinians on the same day Dafna Meir, an Israeli mother was stabbed to death by a Palestinian teenager in her home in front of her six children. That stabbing was not isolated, as on the very same day another Israeli woman was stabbed, this one pregnant.

On the day Dafna Meir was slaughtered, the Obama Administration backed UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon claimed the Palestinians had a right to murder Israelis. Keep in mind that Moon has been accused of war crimes for storing rockets in UN facilities in Gaza that were fired at Israel by Hamas.

Some of the recently released $150 BILLION to the Iranian terrorists will assuredly go to fund Iranian terror against Israel, and we learned this from the head of our very own State Department Secretary John Kerry. The lifting of sanctions that released the funds occurred while the Iranians initiated war games within 1500 yards of a US air craft carrier, testing a ballistic missile that they plan to use against
the USA someday.

As Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post points out, the United States is now in cahoots with the EU to force Israel to label goods made in “disputed” areas of Israel. For what purpose? It’s not a boycott, insists State Department Spokesman John Kirby. 
During this year’s Holocaust remembrance day, Obama said,

”We are all Jews.”

I know Jews. I am a Jew. I know all sorts in all races friendly to Jews. Barrack Obama is no Jew, nor is he a friend of the Jews. We will fight back.

Tic Toc, Tic Toc—less than one year to go! May Hashem bless and keep Obama far away from us!

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