Offensive Speech: I’m Offended by Anything a Liberal Says

A guy is off campus near a university in Texas, and he is given a ticket for offensive speech.

Apparently he said the words “anus” and “penis” within earshot of a few sensitive college students. For all we know he was calling them anuses and penises, which doesn’t change the point. He can say what he wants.

What else would this generation of pansies called Millennials think is offensive. This is the Pansy Generation, the biggest whiners to touch foot on American soil.

Now I’m not sure what will happen with this ticket, and we will certainly monitor the situation. Moreover, our plan at Tea Party Community is to find out such a violation of the First Amendment is even possible, and get this law changed, and the Constitutional traitors fired.

That said, understand the implication of this nonsense. The police officer doesn’t even understand that he has no right to issue this ticket, as he just wants to do his job. Hopefully this video outrages you to act, and join the ONLY Conservative community that gets involved in actions like this, when they are anti-Constitution or against Conservative values.

For the record, I find Leftist Millennials offensive, and most them should be banned to their Liberal parents’ basements for the remainder of their lives.

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