Reporter Busts School District Rip-Off

Schools don’t want us to know what’s going on, and not to go all Marvin Gaye on you, but here’s what’s goin’ on.

Elliott Davis is an investigative reporter in St. Louis who has a segment called “You Paid For It.” When he visited the Hazelwood School District to get answers to their budget woes, the Hazelwood School District Administrators tried to physically block him and his team from trying to get answers from School Board President Desiree Whitlock. They grabbed him and tried to pull him back from where the board president was seated.

This is called “protecting one’s turf.” How dare Davis attempt to get answers.

As FOX News reported:

Parents asked Elliott to investigate the six figure salaries in the district that has now announced millions in cuts. Among them are cuts to elementary orchestra, band and physical education. FOX 2 discovered a dozen six figure administrators on the payroll.

At the top of the chain, the $220,000 Superintendent. There are six Assistant Superintendents making between $117,000 and $190,000.
Two Curriculum Coordinators, one making $110,166 the other being paid $106,405.

We also found a position called “Supplemental Assignments ” That person makes $127,477. A job called “At Risk” pays $130,000.

Median income in Hazelwood is $54,000, just to put this in perspective.

What prompted parents to call “You Paid For It” were the cuts in programs affecting their kids. Davis met with parents and was shown a letter the district sent out saying that the school was in good financial shape.


American taxpayers need to wake up to the ruse of “education.” Schools are not concerned about quality education, they are concerned about one thing: their jobs.

The false notion of educating our kids keeps us BURNING money in a broken system. Teachers have indoctrinated kids to the point where they don’t listen to their parents.

Further, the very same kids grow up to vote for the failed system, and the people who depend on it for their financial security. A superior product out the door is not the reward. The present education system rewards incompetence, and is wholly unconcerned about the quality of the product.

Crime does pay, America. And almost every school in America should have crime scene tape around them, because they are crime scenes.




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