Trump Gets Surprise Endorsement

Now this is a surprise, sort of like not remembering that night on the town, only to find out you got gonorrhea.

Trump receives a vote of confidence by Jimmy Carter! Yuck!

91-year old racist Democrats Jimmy Carter told the UK Parliament he wants Donald Trump to land the Republican nomination ahead of frontrunner Ted Cruz.

Carter warned the Brits that Cruz is committed to “Far Right-wing politics” which he would pursue “aggressively” if he makes it to the White House.

Yes, sort of like REAGAN!

Carter’s tacit endorsement of Trump came as he offered that by contrast, Trump has no fixed views at all.

“If I had a choice of Republican nominees, between Cruz and Trump, I think I would choose. Trump – which may surprise some of you,” he told an audience in the House of Lords.

“The reason is, Trump has proven already that he is completely malleable.

“I don’t think he has any fixed opinion that he would fight for.

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Even Carter sees what many Americans see about Trump, which is he is “malleable.”

I’m not sure how the Trump campaign will handle the news of this endorsement, but however they spin it, it can’t be good.

The second worse president in U.S. history is given Trump his seal of approval. What next? An endorsement by Hillary Clinton?!



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