Is This Trump’s Answer to Everything?

I’m sure that these idiotic tweets are Trump’s way of staying in the news, and I might get a letter (or tweet) from him or his attorney, saying I write about him to get “yuge” website traffic.

But I’m writing about him, because outside of keeping himself in the news, Trump is really petty. At what point does the man act “presidential.”

It’s becoming painfully clear that Trump is more thin-skinned than the light-skin Negro with no Negro dialect.

Jeb Bush going to his mother is a good thing. I doubt Trump has any need for his, and he doesn’t need parents or even God!

I wonder if there are any bankers who would like to tweet that Trump was “begging for money like a dog.”

Let’s see how much of his own money Trump is willing to spend, should he get the nomination. Why should he depend on us, when he can say he got himself elected? If Trump asks for ANY help from the people, you can bet people will say he is “begging for money like a dog.”

When people need loans or financial help, it’s not necessarily BEGGING.

Trump may not be far off base about Beck’s career, as Beck is certainly not as mainstream as he was. But for Trump to believe that his presence could save Beck’s “failing show,” tells us more about Trump, than it does Beck

The bigger point for me and many others is can Trump take ANY criticism? Or is he just too use to surrounding himself with “yes” men.

Typically in politics they say to never “fight down.” The objective is to dismiss the noise, and only go for the big boys. But Trump fights everybody.

As a real fighter, I am always ready for one. But I have learned how to pick your fights. Trump will soon run out of energy to keep fighting unnecessarily.



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