How Many Leftist Accounts Were Shut Down by Twitter?

Here’s the joke: Twitter shut down 125,000 terrorist accounts.

The punchline: They were all friends of Obama!

What’s most funny about this revelation is that social media is owned by Leftists. Frequently these Leftist tend to target Conservatives, so it’s actually refreshing to see that they are finally targeting real terrorists.

The next question is how did they figure out who the terrorists are? I’m pretty sure these people didn’t put “Jihadi” in their description.

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Also, will the next revelation be that of the 125,000 accounts shut down, there were indeed many Americans on the list or people living in America?

Did the Fed consider that if we know these are terrorists, why don’t we allow them to be on Twitter so we could track them easier?

For those of you playing the long game, do you think we are being set up for why the internet must be controlled by the Fed? You can’t believe that Twitter arbitrarily decided to do this on their own, as if suddenly social media has a conscience to protect American citizens.

For those of you sick of being part of the Leftist social media problem, go here for a bit of sanity!






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