Why Jeb Bush Can Never Be President

Jeb Bush is a nice guy, and in fact a gentleman. He is much like his brother and his father, who are a bit too Liberal for my tastes.

Jeb Bush has the Bush legacy, and America has seen two examples of it. Though there is no doubting their patriotism, it’s their staunch Conservatism that is in question.

Sure they are all about family, and the Bush family is a wonderful family. I’d be proud to be a member myself. But somewhere along the line, the Bushes tried to redefine “conservatism” with what George W. Bush labeled, “compassionate Conservatism.”

All Conservatism is compassionate. The renaming of Conservatism implied that there was a type that was not compassionate.

Jeb Bush may very well be his own man, as he often says; however he is a Bush when it comes to his “compassionate” side. It is for this reason he should never be president.

As reported by CNN,

A very fired up Jeb Bush brought a New Hampshire crowd to its feet Sunday, when he called Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump a “loser.”

“It’s a sign of weakness when you make fun of the disabled,” Bush said. “What kind of man would do that? You do not want that man as president of the United States, I can promise you that. … it’s a sign of real weakness when you call John McCain or Leo Thorsness or anybody else that is a POW, who served this country in a way that should be admired, American heroes. Calling them losers? Donald Trump, you’re the loser!”

The former Florida governor also made a passionate defense of his brother, former President George W. Bush.

“On Day One, I will not blame Barack Obama for anything,” Bush said. “I got sick and tired of hearing him blame my brother and I will never do it to him.”

And that is Jeb Bush’s problem, as he SHOULD blame Barack Obama from DAY ONE!

Not only should he blame Barack Obama, he should make it his MISSION to showcase the lies that the Obama administration told while there, even if it’s doing tutorials daily on HBO and SHOWTIME.

Bush should have the government take over Jet, Ebony, and Essence magazines, then commandeer BET, LOGO, and the Oprah Winfrey Channel so that he can properly moon all the idiots who voted for Barack Obama.

Being president would allow Bush to not only “get even” for his brother, but also get even for CONSERVATIVES!

But I guess Jeb is just too “compassionate” for this.






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