3 People Stabbed at Democrat Fundraiser

I know how the media reported this protest in Anaheim as a KKK protest, but let me explain what it really was: a Democrat-sponsored fundraiser!

What better way to raise money, than to promote racism and scare black people. Don’t be surprised if you find out that the Klan got a “donation” from The Clinton Foundation, so they could afford to protest.

The timing was interesting, now that Hillary Clinton is campaigning down South, and has found her “inner Negro”…again.

The Chicago Tribune wrote:

Dozens of protesters who heard about a planned Ku Klux Klan rally were waiting by a Southern California park when six people pulled up in a black SUV. They were dressed in black shirts decorated with the Klan cross and Confederate flag patches and took out signs that read “White Lives Matter.”

Witness video show the Klansmen were quickly surrounded Saturday afternoon by the counterprotesters who shouted at them. Someone smashed the SUV’s window. One KKK member stabbed a counterprotester with the decorative end of a flag pole, setting off a vicious brawl where three people were stabbed, one critically, and two were assaulted.

“I got stabbed,” a man is then heard screaming, lifting his T-shirt to show a wound to his stomach. A fire hydrant where the man briefly sat was covered in blood.

One police sergeant saw another Klan member with a knife in his hand and a counterprotester bleeding nearby, Anaheim Police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said. The sergeant took the KKK member into custody. Meanwhile, counterprotesters stomped on two KKK members, he said.

So now #BlackLivesMatter gets to live another day, because their lighter Democrat counterpart has countered with #WhiteLivesMatter. To paraphrase the late Rodney King,

“Why can’t we #AllLivesMatter just get along?”


It shouldn’t go unnoticed on Conservatives at how the Left has attempted to tie the KKK to Donald Trump. So what Bill Clinton gave the eulogy for Klansman Robert Byrd, and Hillary Clinton extolled “her friend and mentor’s” virtues as well?

All that was missing from this Democratic fundraiser was Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Reid, Governor Moonbeam, and the white half of Barack Obama.

As for the Klan, they got PLAY-AYED! They were told to show up, look menacing to Liberal Negroes (i.e. be white), and pick up their checks at the DNC. They didn’t know there would be NO COPS!

The only people the cops protect are BLACK RACIST DEMOCRATS! I guess the Klan didn’t get the memo.



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