An Anniversary Politicians Were Happy to Ignore

February 21 was the 7th anniversary of the Tea Party movement.

The day came and went with no hoopla, likely lost in National Donut Day or some other nonsense.

Despite the lack of coverage for America’s most powerful movement, it wasn’t like the Tea Party movement hasn’t been in the news.

It’s not being covered, but all the top three Republican presidential candidates owe their success to the Tea Party Community, yes including The Donald.

So why the complete dismissal?

The truth is the media doesn’t want to give the Tea Party movement any press. There was a time when Tea Party “spokespeople” were all over the media. Even with no central leadership, and in a few cases wholly incompetent “talking heads,” the Tea Party has managed to remain relevant.

The Tea Party’s mistake has been that many in the movement still believed that the Republicans would finally partner with the Tea Party, and shift policies to those articulated by the Tea Party and that pesky Constitution. However, the Republicans only gave lip service to the Tea Party, which is why the standard-bearers are little more than shells of the original movement.

Along came Tea Party Community. The resurgence!

We are at the beginning of Tea Party v2.0. A Tea Party Renaissance is underway, where there is a clear separation from the establishment Republican Party. The new and greatly improved Tea Party Community is working to reach youth and minorities.

As one of the founders of Tea Party Community, I can tell you that we have launched projects that will bolster our Conservative membership, projects that will impact the people who matter. Simply put, we are doing things that will change the way the Tea Party Community is perceived by the Left, because it will be the PEOPLE who are singing our praises.

Our mission is to make every politician who has spoken badly about the Tea Party EAT THEIR WORDS!

Michael Johns is the President and Executive Director of the Tea Party Community. Michael is a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, and worked at Heritage. He will represent the new direction of the Tea Party Community, and you will begin seeing him on major TV networks, and hearing him on national radio shows.

Finally the Tea Party Community is moving in the right direction.

For our 8th year celebration, the media won’t ignore us.


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