Backlash on Black Teen Thugs Not Harsh Enough

Black Liberals can be truly astound at what they choose to overlook for the sake of “color.”

They write to me all the time to tell me that color supersedes the idiotic behavior of black Liberals doing the most heinous of things.

To this day, knowing that Michael Brown robbed a store and tried to kill a cop, black Liberals continue to act as if that fool didn’t do anything wrong.

Recently we posted a video of teens in court in Fort Lauderdale FL acting like animals. They had stolen a car, ran from the cops, and caused lots of damage the stolen vehicle and others. One would think they would have wanted to at least appear contrite, but instead they acted like fools.

They do this, because in their environment, that will get them a lot further than acting civilized. It’s called “street cred,” and you need to have a lot of it when you live among black Liberals. Without it, you’re a future victim.

The good news is there are LOTS of blacks out there who are fed up with this idea of “blackness.” We don’t support this nonsense, and it doesn’t matter what color the fool is who is doing it.

And after 7 News posted the video to its Facebook page under the headline, “Disorder in the Court,” reaction was swift.

“Wow, as a black man I’m embarrassed for my people,” one wrote, adding that both the teens and their parents are totally lacking in respect.

“If I had done something like that as a young man I would not be writing this, my grandmother would have KILLED me DEAD,” he continues. “Words can’t express the hurt I have for these young people, they will not live a long life if they continue to live this way.”

Another wrote,

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“Smh[Shaking my head] … And we wonder why our children are dying … No respect at all and when the police kill them the parents are like my son was a good young man! Yea sure he was.”

Black Liberals are raising thugs because far too many are thugs. They are too ignorant to blame (1) themselves, and (2) those who have led them to this destruction…Liberals.





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