Bloomberg: What Do Clinton’s Know That Kept Him Out

Bloomberg is out. Why run for president when you can make so much more money as a big city mayor or other Leftist thief?

He’s just another filthy rich Liberal with a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality, so America missed nothing with Bloomberg’s threat.

Something good did come from Bloomberg hinting that he might run, as it put the Clinton’s on notice that they are not invincible.

We may never know why Bloomberg decided not run, and it really doesn’t matter. Run or don’t run, Bloomberg would have been bad for America. He stated that he decided not to run, because it would make it easier for either Trump or Cruz to win. That just came to him suddenly? Who else did he think it would hurt? Bobby Jindal?

There was no upside for Hillary Clinton with Bloomberg’s entry. Philosophically there is little difference between the two. In fact, their practically KIN, when it comes to making money while in office. They have both fed generously at the public trough, both making billions.

Another thing Bloomberg did that didn’t hurt Hillary is his potential candidacy put more spotlight on the billionaire already in the race. With Bloomberg’s entry, Trump was no longer the big swinging wallet in the race, as Bloomberg is wholly three times more wealthy than Trump, and that’s using Trumps own numbers. In other words, Bloomberg’s may be WAY bigger than Trumps, and I’m not talking about their hands!

Trump with more press is like Kim Kardashian with more mirrors. Trump already DESTROYED Hillary Clinton in the War on Women ploy, so the last thing she needs is more Trump trumping her, and I’m not implying in the carnal way.

Again, good riddance to bad rubbish.

Bloomberg should be jailed for this theft of the people of New York. Who grows wealth from $4.8 billion to over $32 billion while having a full-time job? And during an economic downturn? A lying Leftist, that’s who. This man is exactly what politics DOESN’T need.

And I suspect the Clintons know where some of those Bloomberg bones are buried.



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