Can Trump Get Sanders’ Voters?

The Democrats are in disarray, and the media isn’t discussing it much. Despite beating Sanders handily with the black vote, Hillary Clinton doesn’t resonate with blacks. She’s nowhere close to what Obama got in either election cycle. But it gets worse.

For the most port, Sanders voters don’t like Hillary Clinton at all.

As reported by the Washington Post, Sanders voters may be more inclined to vote for Trump, than Clinton:

It’s rare for a populist candidate to go far in presidential politics. It’s almost unheard of for two of them to advance as far, in the same year, as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have. Trump remains the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Sanders still has a shot at the Democratic one. Their successes share some common themes, which are fueling speculation that populist voters from the left and right might come together to back a single candidate come November, or even form their own political party in the years to come.

The idea is that anger at Wall Street, stagnating middle-class wages, international trade agreements, the influence of rich donors in political campaigns and, most of all, American political elites, will bring millions of blue-collar voters into an unlikely alliance.

Perhaps they will support Trump against Hillary Clinton in the fall, or perhaps, as the liberal former Labor Secretary Robert Reich spelled out last week in an op-ed, they will revolt against both parties in the next presidential race.

The revolt against the Republican establishment is in full swing. So the only revolt left is on the Left.

Clinton will try to get mileage out of Trump’s misstep on women, but Cruz is waiting in the wings. Though Cruz may not get the Sanders’ voter bloc, there is still bad news for Clinton.

By the end of it all, Cruz could look very tame in comparison to Trump, and they share many of the same views. Cruz is more measured in his strategies, and like Trump he won’t be afraid to challenge Clinton on her record.

Either way, as uber Leftist Susan Sarandon recently suggested, many Sanders supporters will likely stay home, if Clinton is their choice.


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