Detroit: Blacks Feel Left Out of Resurgence

In case you weren’t aware of it Detroit is making a comeback. Well, at least the white part of Detroit is.

I was with a friend from Detroit for our annual Indy 500 reunion, and he, a staunch Liberal who happens to be black regaled me with how well Detroit is doing, as did his girlfriend.

I replied,

“Sure part of Detroit is doing well, which is the area in downtown, where the Quicken billionaire is investing. He’s put a cocoon around all that part of the city, as the rest of Detroit is still DETROIT!”

He skulked away with his tail between his legs, because he knows it’s true. It’s not racial, by the way, I just chose to use the race card against black Liberals, since they pull it so often.

In other words, I didn’t allow him to celebrate the “white resurgence” of Detroit, lest he wish to relinquish is “black” card. Oh I know, I could reiterate his “white” girlfriend, but I won’t go Mandingo on him today.

Back to Detroit, the Detroit News reports that the former Mayor of Detroit, NBA great Dave Bing believes that the black residents of Detroit are being left behind.

Former Mayor Dave Bing contends many black residents don’t feel they are part of the city’s resurgence.

“As much as we say or think we are being inclusive, the reality is we are not,” Bing said Wednesday during a brief address at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Detroit Policy Conference at the MotorCity Casino. “There is an undercurrent of frustration and anger that could lead to a negative outcome.”

Hmmm, sort of like Ferguson and Baltimore?

The anger should be at Dave Bing and all the black mayors who went before him. The Motor City, once the crown jewel of Michigan is a cesspool, with one area of fresh water.

The article continues,

Bing said he’s spent the last several months meeting with African-American businesses, students and others in the community and has found there’s a lot of fear in people to say how they feel.

“African-American economic empowerment and neighborhood development must be an essential part of Detroit’s resurgence,” Bing added. “Diversity is about counting people. Inclusion is about making people count.”

Hmmm, sort of like Ferguson and Baltimore?

Who in their right mind would invest in neighborhoods where the slightest racial incident real or imagined could cause one’s business to go up in flames?! I can guarantee you that the prominent Detroit families of the Ilitch and Gilbert who are responsible for the downtown Renaissance will not be building in black neighborhoods.

If black Liberals want the resurgence they constantly talk about, they have a bit of soul-searching to do. I suggest looking into the mirror, and implementing real policies that assure investors that their investments will not be destroyed, and in fact will get a serious return.

Money doesn’t care about color, so the only card Ilitch and Gilbert may be pulling in their investments is the GREEN card.



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