Did Cruz Trump Trump?

It hasn’t been a good few days for The Donald. His misstep on abortion may be other shoe falling that many Americans have expected for some time. Only time will telll, however polling in Wisconsin so far has been brutal.

Along with attacking Trump for his statement on “punishing women,” Ted Cruz recently called Trump a sniveling coward, after Trump accused him of putting out revealing pictures of Trump’s wife, Melania, the irony being that the very same pictures were willingly released and promoted by none other than Melania herself.

That notwithstanding, the pictures were used by a Super PAC that is not directly connected with the Cruz campaign team, nor Ted Cruz. Trump knows that by law, Cruz can have no direct or other contact with a Super PAC, yet he not only purposefully magnified the issue, wrongly accusing Cruz of attacking his wife.

Like him or not, Cruz goes by the letter of the law. That’s why the Democrats detest him, as he speaks of the Constitution, rule of law, and things that offer very little if any wiggle room.
Nevertheless, by hurling allegations of wife-bashing at Cruz Trump could further his narrative: Cruz is a liar, and not to be trusted.

In retaliation, Trump teased the media by tweeting that ‘lying Ted’ did not want Donald to reveal some dirt he had on Ted Cruz’ wife Heidi. Eager to use his own wife as a pawn of presidential politics, Trump then released a less than flattering picture of Heidi Cruz to be compared to the playboy like picture of Melania.

Despite knowing that Cruz had no part in the smearing of Trump’s wife the news media covered the story. Fox News Steve Doocy, whom I generally respect and admire, characterized the scenario simply as “two men defending their wives.”

The attacks on Cruz didn’t stop there, as more information was floated about Ted Cruz having affairs, and even cavorting with prostitutes.

When you consider all of this and Trump’s recent declarations about abortion and nuclear proliferation, one has to take pause on just how well thought out Trump’s political strategies are.
Not long ago, Trump said that he wanted to go one on one, toe to toe with Cruz. Still think he wants that? I don’t.

Trump ducked out on the last scheduled Republican debate which would have featured Ted Cruz, spoiler John Kasich, and himself. He also ignored the Cruz challenge at the recent AIPAC conference to debate one on one.

More recently after the announcement by FOX News anchor Bill O’ Reilly that he would bring up the Cruz debate challenge issued to Trump in the next night’ s interview, Trump abruptly canceled the interview with O’ Reilly.

This does not give the image of someone willing to debate the issues of the day with a worthy opponent who just might reveal how empty the Trump brand is when it comes to policy. Trump, dare I say, appears to be afraid to debate Cruz one on one.

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