FBI Targets Email From The Clinton Foundation

By now we all know that Hillary Clinton clumsily handled beyond classified documents in her private email. She did this not to cover up here State Department dealings, but to cover up her shenanigans with The Clinton Foundation,

According to The New York Post, this is the next phase of the FBI investigation:

Another matter for Comey & Co.: whether Clinton comingled her official State Department business with her role at the Clinton Foundation, and whether she wiped clean messages that show her using her office at State for foundation work.

Comey is certainly the right man for the job, and he has a habit of going after what used to be known as the fairer sex.

The report continues:

Comey’s prosecution of domestic diva Martha Stewart followed a similar pattern. Stewart sold shares of a company owned by one of her friends just before a corporate announcement sent the stock into a tailspin.

But she did not go to jail for what the feds began investigating: insider trading. Instead, Comey & Co. had to settle on obstruction-of-justice charges based on allegedly misleading information Stewart gave about her trade. Even this was no slam dunk: At trial, witnesses contradicted each other. At least one of the charges in the case was dropped. (One prosecution witness later faced perjury charges over his testimony but was eventually acquitted.)

Yet in the end, Comey prevailed. Stewart was convicted and sentenced to several months in prison.

It is reported that Comey doesn’t like it when people thwart the system or the law. Take the case of Frank Quattrone, which is eerily similar to Hillary Clintons.

As US attorney for the Southern District after the Nasdaq stock market crashed, Comey led an obstruction investigation that targeted Internet banker Frank Quattrone. That probe focused on a single sentence from a single email he appeared to approve, “Let’s clean up those files.”

Quattrone was convicted and faced several years in jail, though a successful appeal and deferred prosecution agreement with the government put the matter to rest.




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