Fight Breaks Out at Black Gospel Radio Station

John Wiley Price is the Al Sharpton of the North Texas area, specifically Dallas.

Price is a race-baiting county commissioner who should have been under a jail years ago, but because the Left loves having one of these racist scoundrels in every city, Price has enjoyed immunity, until recently.

Price has done nothing for the black community of North Texas, and in fact he has lived like royalty for decades driving luxury cars, living in a phat house, and dressing like he’s black Gucci.

As with all these race-baiters, they have many skeletons, and are not universally liked. So when Price appeared on a Gospel radio station in Dallas, it got ugly.

As reported by Radio Facts,

A gospel radio station in North Texas got a huge surprise when a full out vulgar verbal altercation broke out between longtime Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and former city council member Dwaine Caraway at KHVN. “You Fu$&ed My Wife!” Dwaine Caraway exclaimed, as he disrespected the religious tone of the station. What was supposed to be a conversation turned into an altercation, then a hilarious illustration where blood pressure and Diabetes levels peaked for the finish line.

I guess #BlackWivesMatter?

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