Criminals Get a New Tool to Thwart the Law

Heard of the “Justice Cap?

Below is how the cap is advertised by the maker:

The Justice Cap is a baseball hat with a set of LEDs on it that boast anti-camera technology that will white out your face when viewed through a surveillance camera. Made for your Liberty loving individual or your standard night time gas station thief, the justice cap is best used against low-light or night vision cameras, so not quite yet Minority Report technology protection yet, but great for someone who’s looking to do some sketchy shit in a low lighted area. The Justice Cap comes with 9 LEDs across the brim of the hat, contains a battery pack hidden in the sweatband, and the LEDs only emit a small dull red light, they don’t actually light up the area in front of you.

You can bet there will be an explosion of these caps, as criminals buy them by the dozens. Like the “hoodie,” the “justice cap” will be the new tool of the criminal, and yet another thing law enforcement will have to figure out how to get around.

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