I’d Tell Vincente Fox To “Go To Hell,” But He Already Lives There

Donald Trump can take care of himself, so he doesn’t need me or anybody else fighting his battles for him.

But I will discuss on Vincente Fox’s comment on Trump.

For years now America has carried Mexico on our backs. The support we give that nation is one-directional, as Mexico doesn’t give us anything. Sure the Mexicans will discuss what America would do without Mexicans, and even made a movie called, “A Day Without Mexicans” to drive home the idea that without Mexicans, Americans would fall apart.

Nice try. If America didn’t have Mexicans, we’d have another “can” to fill their place. But I’d love to see Mexico try a day without Americans!

Mexico is a hell hole. I know, as I had a business over there years ago. You fly over Mexico City, and you see what looks like a pig farm. Acres of tin roofs supported by cedar or Mesquite posts. I remember looking down on the city during my first visit, and I thought, “Wow, they raise pigs right in the city.” I found out that people lived there.

No wonder Vincente Fox wanted Mexico to become part of a North American Union with Canada and United States.

“I proposed a ‘NAFTA Plus’ plan to President Bush and Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to move us toward a single continental economic union, modeled on the European example,” he wrote in his autobiography Revolution of Hope.

“…At summits I took every opportunity to advocate clearly for free-market policies; showing what sound economics could do to fund social justice; arguing for globalism, NAFTA and the Free Trade Area of the Americas.”

I bet he’d want the United States and Canada to take on Mexico’s problems.

The air is filthy, the city is filthy, and the place is laid out for transportation like it was designed by blind guitarist Jose Feliciano. And boy is Mexico safe.

I was warned to only take government taxis, as other taxis were known to take you to no man’s land and roll you or worse. Lucky for me, I had employees who picked me up, and took me to an area called La Zona Rosa.

La Zona Rosa is between Paseo de la Reforma and Av Chapultepec, and was relatively safe. There were decent restaurants within walking distance, and of course the neighborhood disco. I stayed at the Hotel Niko, a chain owned by the Japanese. Outside of La Zona Rosa was a veritable war zone. I was warned to stay close to the area, or I might end up in a “proof of life” video, a captive for ransom. Needless to say, I heeded the call, and fought the urge to hit the disco.

During my visits, I got to know more about Mexico City, and I learned that there is a lake (lago) outside of the city that was so filthy nobody dare swim in it, nor would the Mexicans eat the fish.

To give you an idea of overcrowding, I learned that there is suburb of Mexico City called Cuernavaca that was designed for 50,000 people, and at the time had over 1 million. Imagine a small town in America suddenly getting 20 times the population it was currently managing, and then put the Mexican government in charge (or a Democrat) and see what you end up with.

Neither Vincente Fox nor any other Mexican has solved the problems of unemployment, education, healthcare, transportation, and so on in Mexico. The poverty rate in Mexico is atrocious, which is why Mexicans leave their country and their culture in droves. And the United States has welcomed Mexicans with open arms. But we now that they get here legally.

We further demand that Mexicans respect our laws and the American culture when they get here. We demand that the Mexican government do the same and keep their criminal element in their own prisons and out of the United States, and that includes their drug dealers, sex traffickers, and other banditos that Donald Trump mentioned.

Vincente Fox is too stupid to be embarrassed at the state of his country. Instead of praising America for our kind indulgence with Mexico’s almost total disdain of America, he’s criticizing one of our prominent citizens for voicing the concerns of millions.

So yes Vincente, we will build that f’g wall, and one way or another Mexico will pay for it. And before I forget to say it on behalf of the American people,

“YOU’RE WELCOME for Americans propping up the Mexican economy for decades and keeping Mexico a sovereign nation.”

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