If Trump Were Kasich

A question was posed, what would the GOP do if Trump were Kasich?

Kasich is hanging on like a hair on a biscuit. He has absolutely NO chance of being president, and anybody sane would have dropped out already. But not the GOP’s eternal optimist.

The man has accepted big sums of money from George Soros, and voted against the 2nd Amendment. You just don’t get anymore RINO than that, and for all intents and purposes, Kasich is a Democrat.

He brags about his record in OH, but it’s built on statistical lies. And I know more about Kasich’s father than I  know about my own.

If Trump were Kasich, the GOP would besiege him to GET OUT!

But Kasich represents “The Great White DHope” for the GOP. Mr. Magoo, now that the favorite son Jeb, and the boy who would be king, Marco have both called it quits. Kasich is it. The last straw, the Hail Mary, the final frontier.

The GOP wants him in there, perhaps hoping Trump and Cruz will bludgeon each other to death, leaving Kasich as the last man standing.

I heard that Boehner proposed that Paul Ryan throw his hat in at the convention! Talk about a mutiny; the GOP would be destroyed at any serious indication they would consider that.

Despite that vote of confidence of Kasich by Boehner (not), Kasich remains optimistic, vowing to criss-cross America in a covered wagon, traveling on the whims of the wind. He actually referenced a covered wagon, and going where the wind takes him.

Talk about a trombone player with a pager, this guy is delusional, as well as anachronistic.

Hey John, we have these things called AIRPLANES now!

Kasich is stuck. He’s stuck in Republican playbook politics, and he’s stuck in some nonsensical RINO ideology that no longer plays with the Republican base. We’ve tired of “business as usual,” which is why rabblerousers like Trump and Cruz have surged.

The Republicans should be all over Kasich, urging him to cease his “campaign.” They certainly would be doing it, if it were Trump or Cruz. But then again, they wouldn’t have to. Both of those guys would have already called it a day.



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