More Immunity: Indictment of Hillary Clinton Getting Closer?

Ed Klein knows the Clintons. In his last book, Klein showcased all the bread crumbs around Hillary Clinton’s position as Secretary of State being used to feather the nest of The Clinton Foundation, the Clinton family’s extortion racket.

Hillary Clinton was asked recently would she step down if indicted, to which she replied [pp],

That’s not going to happen…I won’t even answer that question.”

Well according to Klein, FBI director James Comey inches closer every day to a recommendation to indict Hillary Clinton. Such an event would trigger many interesting political scenarios, particularly for Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Klein comments:

My sources say the likelihood is that Lynch will not make that decision herself. Instead, she’ll probably appoint a special counsel to make the decision. That will get the Obama administration off the hook and avoid charges of a conflict of interest or, even worse, obstruction of justice.

Klein offers a series of intriguing questions that this scenario raises, which the Democrats are undoubtedly considering, though they won’t admit this publicly. Klein postulates:

1. Could Hillary run for president if she is under criminal indictment?

2. Would she step down voluntarily?

3. Could the Democratic Party make her step down?

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H/T Joe Miller

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