Islamo-Idiocy is Ruining America

Haroon Moghul, professional Pied Piper for the Caliphate–some of his work can be seen here.–recently wrote in Time magazine, “Islamophobia Is Ruining America—But Not How You Think.”

His claim is absurd on every level, intellectually dishonest, and written for the ignorant. As a post-grad at Columbia, he takes pride in the depth of his lack of real education.

Here is an example of his musings:

A few years ago, my uncle visited the U.S. for the first time. When I met him in Brooklyn, though, he was far from excited. Of all the things he could have started our conversation with, it was this: “Is the subway under construction?”

“Which station?” I wondered.

He paused. “…All of them?”

I burst out laughing, because I understood.

Each time I land at JFK, I am amazed. Shortly after you exit, the manicured lawns vanish, the smooth surfaces become potholed and cratered—New York begins. Heaven forbid you fly to LaGuardia, where there’s only a creaking bus service. It is almost impossible to go via mass transit between most of Brooklyn and Queens, which are over four million people. Many of the city’s rail tunnels still haven’t recovered from Hurricane Sandy, and nobody knows what’ll happen if there’s another big storm. The Second Avenue subway was conceived before we could conceive of a black President, and it’s still not done. This is America’s alpha city and, with London, one of the two most important. In the world. But New York isn’t an American outlier.

Your smartphone is more advanced than nearly every air-traffic control system. Our sewage pipes, bridges and highways are falling apart. The residents of Flint, Michigan, just found their water is the opposite of potable. We are still the world’s most powerful country, one of the most secure, and one of the most stable. But our country has been crumbling apart for years now, and we’ve done next to nothing about it.

You can blame Islamophobia for that.

Nice opening volley. The supposed irony (and hypocrisy, laced with sarcasm) being that Islam didn’t ruin New York’s infrastructure, now did it.

He tries to make that point that if America weren’t fighting wars against Islam, we would have the money to put into infrastructure, and that “investing in our future” suffered because we went to war with Iraq (Islam). Further, as our Islamophobia cost us $2 trillion. $2 trillion we could’ve spent on Utopia.

And then he delves into education, where he writes,

As a comparison, free public college for all Americans would cost $70 billion a year. Not only is that much cheaper, but the latter is an investment that would pay dividends for years to come.

Only a leftist has the lack of self awareness necessary to write the sentence, “… free public college for all Americans would cost $70 billion…”

Moghul does offer a bit of praise for Republicans, where he writes of Jeb Bush:

Jeb Bush was one of the rare Republican candidates who wasn’t an anti-Muslim bigot, but he still described ISIS as an “existential threat.”

Does Haroon Moghul not consider ISIS a threat?

In the article, he jests at Al-Baghdadi’s ability to take down the United States, but would not dare admit his doctorate in Islamic studies.

He speaks lowly of Ayann Hirsi Ali whose crimes include leaving the Muslim faith, becoming an atheist, criticizing genital mutilation, and collaborating with Theo Van Gogh. Van Gogh, you’ll recall, was murdered by a Muslim.

He really pulled out all the stops. He linked to a WaPo piece asserting that Muslims are viewed as subhuman. Their evidence poster child is none other than Ahmed, the clock plagiarist. He even drags the Flint water crisis into it. None of these things would have happened in a non-bigoted country. I guess that leaves out all Islamic nations then. Anybody ever watch Palestinian children’s programming?

When we continue to conflate mainstream Islam with radicals, vastly exaggerating the threat we face, we make it harder to make good choices. All of the things our global peers are preparing for–climate change, for example—go by the wayside. While it might be important to tackle income inequality, crumbling infrastructure, student debt, childhood poverty, systemic and structural racism, the idea that our greatest threat is Islamic extremism, and that Muslims everywhere are all potential or possible terrorists, makes it harder to address these problems.

What people like Mr. Moghul fail to understand is that speaking on the inherent goodness of the majority of Muslims today is the equivalent of speaking on the inherent goodness of the majority of Germans in 1935. It is both technically correct and entirely irrelevant to the problem.

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