Like Palin, Christie Needs Trump

He ain’t heavy he’s my brother is NOT what Trump might be saying if he needs to carry Christie’s corpulent butt over the finish line.

Christie’s endorsement of Trump reeks of “I love you, Man!”

As my friend Ben Weingarten writes of Christie’s political history,

The year was 1997, and 35-year-old Chris Christie found himself down and out of politics in particularly humiliating fashion: Having rankled Republican Party elders with his ambitious moves to rise in state politics, Christie lost the Republican primary and thus his seat on the Morris County, New Jersey, freeholder board, delivering a concession speech his peers reportedly ignored, speaking over him.

But a couple of years later, Christie hitched his wagon to then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush’s presidential candidacy, fundraising hard enough and successfully enough that he was able to leverage his efforts into an appointment as U.S. attorney for the District of New Jersey.

Christie used this perch as many ambitious politicians have: to pursue cases that would allow him to settle scores with Democrats and Republicans alike while creating the public perception that he was above politics and dedicated to rooting out corruption. He would do so in the most visible fashion possible by conducting numerous high-profile perp walks.

Ok, so Christie, like most politicians is an opportunists. I get it. But like Sarah Palin, Christie’s career was on the decline, though his trajectory not as steep as the former governor of Alaska.

Trump can add a few minutes of fame to the time of those on the descent. What else could Christie have done that would garner as much media as he’s gotten from his announcement supporting Trump? And if Trump wins, it’s a good thing to not make the naughty list.

“Chris Christie has endorsed Donald Trump. Christie is just doing what he always does to keep himself ahead.” – B. Weingarten

I suggest you read more of Ben Weingarten’s article here.



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