3 University Students Arrested for Building Bombs

Why isn’t this story getting more coverage in the wake of the Brussels attacks? The story is about potential terror at a university in America.

Three students have been arrested after a drug and explosives investigation on the campus of George Mason University, and there was almost no media coverage of this. we have no significant details.

According to FOX 5 News,

Officials say there is no immediate threat and evidence has been taken into custody. The details of this incident are contained in a search warrant filed in Fairfax County court and obtained by FOX 5 News.

The court documents say campus police searched a campus dorm room at the university and found what is being described as materials used to manufacture fire bombs.

Court documents state when police confronted the residents in the room, they found a leafy green substance. When they returned with a search warrant, police discovered a tool box containing match books, shaved match heads, a mortar and pedestal, lighter fluid, hand sanitizer candles and a PVC pipe.

The bomb squad later advised campus police that the materials were being used to manufacture fire bombs or make explosive materials.

Even when we do learn about it, what do we really know. There were no significant details about this, no names given, no Confederate flag, no Tea Party, Republican, Conservative, KKK or Nazi references at all in this story of bombs, explosives and TERROR:

What this tells us is the perpetrators were Muslims. Practitioners of the “religion of peace.”


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