Muslims: There Goes the Neighborhood

There goes the neighborhood was what people would say when blacks moved into white neighborhoods back in the 60’s.

Democrats decided to change strategy back then, pretending to care about blacks. White racist Democrats gathered a handful of black “leaders” who convinced blacks that Democrats had suddenly shifted from lynching blacks to supporting blacks and all was good.

Fast-forward a few decades and you have the outcome. Major cities with black populations two, three, even four times the black population. Baltimore, over 60 percent black for example. A city run by black Democrats from pillar to post.

And the state of Maryland, run mostly by Democrats for decades, we get this report:

Those dynamics are part of the story in Maryland, where job creation and income growth have lagged behind the rest of the country in recent months. The region’s stagnant prices also reflect a continued churn of distressed properties, which drag down prices while feeding supply.

Foreclosures and short sales — with a median price of $118,000 — increased 43.5 percent year-over-year in July, to 673, or 18.5 percent of all transactions.

Many of the distressed properties date to delinquencies that started in the recession, and are just now appearing as the market adjusts to regulatory changes. While the situation is improving, Maryland continues to have one of the three worst delinquent markets in the country, according to a recent RealtyTrac report.

Must of the problems of most states are based on their epicenters: the big cities.

Rampant with crime, waste, fraud, these former bastions of capitalism are mere shells of themselves, as their populations continue to shrink from “white flight.” Cities have been turned over to Democrats, particularly black Democrats, and most have become hell holes.

But a second wave is coming, and it involves Muslims. Because when Muslims move in, “there goes the neighborhood.”

As Bare Naked Islam reports,

Pickering Post  Australia now has 374 mosques and in each immediate area housing values have plummeted to as low as half their former value. Europe is plagued by 6,663 mosques. In the UK alone there are 1,568, the US has 2,189 (up 74 per cent since 2000) and New Zealand has 13.


Where house values have fallen, banks have reassessed their loan exposures and forced the original home owners to either pay the difference in equity or the property is sold at a mortgagee auction. And guess who is waiting in the wings to pick up a house for half its value? Yep, a Muslim. The right to freedom of religion is embedded deep in our Constitution but it’s starting to erode our hard-won way of life.

This is how it begins. As I wrote about the congruence of religion and race, unless America recognizes the true nature of Islam, we are doomed.

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