Obama: The Convoluted Communists

Leave it to Obama to explain why Conservatives are the smartest people on earth and Leftists are idiots.

America’s Moron in Chief explains to Argentinian students his experience in Cuba. He congratulates Cuba for educating all its students, something America does better than Cuba, at least for now. Then he congratulates them on their healthcare, saying the average Cuban lives as long as the average American.

But he then says that driving around Cuba it looked like they were in the 1950’s. That’s because Cuba IS STUCK IN THE 1950’S!

That’s what communism produces. Lots of supposedly educated people who can visit their Third World doctors, when they aren’t scavenging for food.

But for Obama, citizens should pick and choose, between Communism and Capitalism. If only Cuba had just a touch more capitalism, it could be like the United States.

And if only the United States had a touch more communism, it could be like Cuba?

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