Video: The Reason I Detest Hillary Clinton and Other Politicians

Sir Nicolas Winston is a man who makes me hate politicians. This is because most politicians are all talk. They brag about their “accomplishments,” when in fact most have done little more than connive to get to power. Then you learn of Sir Nicolas Winston. He’s a man who didn’t seek fame or fortune, and most people will never know who he is. But his impact on the world is significant.

Sir Nicolas Winston is an Englishman who saved hundreds of children in Prague from the Nazis. 669 children in fact were saved, because of this ONE man.

He didn’t tell anyone about for a long time.


Who will history write about as hundreds or thousands of Americans must be saved from the many threats we face today? The nameless faceless patriots fighting for freedom from tyranny, fighting to keep America strong, so the world remains strong. Many of you will fight the good fight, and your deeds will go unheralded, until one day it is discovered what you did. As I ponder the Left’s choices for the presidency, two socialists who have accomplished nothing in their miserable lives, I stand their records up against Sir Nicolas Winston. In comparison, they are footnotes.

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