Serial Killer Gets “Retirement”

Who knew that serial killing had benefits?!

Nothing would surprise me, given that Leftist have been running America for far too long.

A railroad drifter who claims he murdered 16 fellow drifting riders faces a lifetime behind bars, but isn’t the least bit worried about it. He’s got retirement benefits.

Or so 48-year-old Michael Elijah Adams, also known as ‘Crazy Mike’ believe. He says he’s proud of what he’s done and looks forward to “three hots and a cot” during his “retirement” in a Virginia jail cell.

And why shouldn’t Adams think of prison this way. He’s certainly not going to suffer the fate of those he’s killed. Death by serial killer is for suckers. For Adams, he will die of natural causes and on the taxpayer dole, like an EXCELLENT Liberal.

Adams recently sat down for an interview with CBS 6 and spoke about how he first started riding trains as a teen and went on to become an “enforcer” for a rugged railroad gang, killing more than a dozen people in that time.

“I’m proud of what I did,” he said.

Adams feels like he did the world a favor, working the dirty underbelly of society, ridding the planet of scum. Adams says he killed the worst members of society.

‘I’m a necessary part of society.’

If not him, who?
Adams will ride into the sunset, likely finding some bleeding heart Liberal woman to marry and put money on his card monthly, until he dies.


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