Sharpton’s Hate Speech at Keane College Goes Unreported

The powers that be at Keane College would happily invite black racist Al Sharpton to their college, where he speaks of killing crackers and cops, but wouldn’t dare bring a Conservative to speak.

I have no idea how much this moron got paid, but you can bet it was taxpayers who footed the bill.

The media was and continues to be silent on Sharpton’s address. And why not, when they have Trump to call a racist!

In the video you essentially hear Al Sharpton challenging the audience to kill “crackers” and cops.

In the real world this is hate speech. Sure, he couches it in the idea that he marches for what he believes in. He actually does more than that, as he stirs young blacks to hate. These black idiots should storm the stage and give Sharpton a beatdown for doing absolutely nothing in the black community. That n*gga has made a lot of money inciting black Liberals to stupidity, and is the very reason for many of the problems plaguing blacks.

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