Watch These Thug Teens Mouth Off to a Judge!

Watch These Thug Teens Mouth Off to a Judge!

These four thug teens stole a car, and took it for a joy ride. During the joy ride, they decided to steal another car, they had stashed, after the cops were in pursuit.

They appear in court for an arraignment, and all hell breaks loose.

One of the mothersĀ of one of the teens attempts to discipline one of the youngsters, likely her son, to no avail.

Who do you think this teen will listen to, if he won’t listen to his mother? His father?

From Ft. Lauderdale:

Three out of four teenagers accused of leading police in a chase across Broward County appeared in juvenile court, Tuesday afternoon, and the hearing quickly spiraled into chaos after a suspect’s outburst. The 15-year-old male suspects are facing several charges in connection to Monday evening’s chase, including burglary, grand theft auto and eluding police. A fourth female suspect, also 15, did not appear in court.

Suspected driver Maurice Thomas triggered a disruptive chain reaction after he became upset when the judge ordered him to spend the next 21 days in detention.

That should be the least of his worries. He has a future date with the Big House.

The unfortunate thing is these are the types of hoodlums are pervasive in areas of America.

They influence other kids around them, who are forced to appear tough for survival.

Watch as the girl begins dancing and yelling in the courtroom. She does this for one reason: to brag about it later on the streets. She’s going down a path where there is no return.

Next, you see the other girl chime in, then get escorted from the courtroom by a bailiff. It’s at this point that the teens try to one-up one another, so the you male must do now showcase his stupidity.

These kids have no regard for people or property, and certainly have no regard for authority. And you can bet they have no respect for life.

For them, laws are for suckers. It is Liberals and their policies who create these thugs, then blame anybody but themselves.

Sadly, these are the people for whom the NFL players kneel.

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