The Clinton Foundation: House of Cards Beginning to Fall

The Clinton Foundation should have a full-scale FBI investigations, and the Clinton investigated under RICO. The organization is more gangster than the Mafia, and has enjoyed government protection at the highest level.

Rumors persist that FBI Director James Comey is almost ready for an indictment.

According to The Observer,

“…there is massive evidence that shows financial abuses—including money laundering—at the Clinton Foundation and overwhelming evidence that donors were helped by Ms. Clinton.

To take one of so many examples, there’s the case of Clinton Foundation donor Claudio Osorio—who is now housed at a federal prison serving 12 years for fraud—who in 2010, with Ms. Clinton’s (and Bill Clinton’s) help, won a $10 million loan from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

The loan was granted to an Osorio firm called InnoVida, which was supposed to build houses in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Instead, Osorio pocketed the money and used it to underwrite his lavish lifestyle and to pay off politicians. For political muscle, Osorio—who also had close ties to Jeb Bush, who sat on the board of a bank he owned—paid a lobbyist and major Hillary fundraiser named Jonathan Mantz.”

I wrote recently that many Haitians who live in New York City constantly picket Bill Clinton’s office, because they want to shed light on the fraud perpetrated by The Clinton Foundation, as Haiti got nothing from these racketeers.

Back to to Jonathan Mantz. The article continues,

“…another Clinton Foundation donor Ms. Clinton helped out who happened to use Mr. Mantz (who now runs Ms. Clinton’s presidential campaign Super PAC) and apparently with the same great effect: Gonzalo Tirado, a crooked Venezuelan financier.

Mr. Tirado was president of and ran Venezuelan operations for the famously corrupt Stanford Bank, which was headquartered in Antigua and was named for its American founder, Allen Stanford. He and Mr. Stanford came to be extremely close and “were like father and son,”one well-placed source told me.

Mr. Stanford’s name may ring a bell as he was sentenced to prison for 110 years for committing an $8 billion Ponzi scheme. In 2006, the Hugo Chavez government was asked to investigate Mr. Tirado by scandal-plagued, pro-Wall Street New York Congressman Gregory W. Meeks, a member of the House Committee on Financial Services and a major recipient of cash and perks from jailbird Allen Stanford. Mr. Tirado was charged with tax evasion and theft, The Hill newspaper reported.

To keep it simple, if the Clintons are involve, you can bet the most heinous lecherous thieving Liberals are right there with them.

I can’t wait for Liberals to get a heepin’ helpin’ of crow, when the house of cards called The Clinton Foundation start falling.

For more details around the larceny of one of the most corrupt organization in American history, go here.


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