The Perfect Place For White Racist Liberals

African countries didn’t bode well in the happiness index. Apparently African countries suffer from the same problem as big cities in America: they are run by black leaders.

Black politicians are a recipe for abject failure. I don’t think there is a single city in America run by black Liberals that is even close to being run well. Baltimore, Detroit, and poster children for failure. And we have all seen the devastation of a black president!

According to CNN, there are six key factors to measure in order to establish global ranking of the happiest countries: GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity and perceptions of corruption.

Only five African countries rank among the top 100, and eight of the last ten overall are in Sub-Saharan Africa, having ranked very low on some of the key factors that lead to happiness.

I’m not sure how to take this, except to say that Africa needs more white people.

I’m sure the United Nations will be all over this soon, figuring out how to give more money to African countries, that is until they finally figure out how to move white people into Africa. There certainly is no shortage of Africans who want out!

Surely there is some racial undertone we are all missing. Consider that Africa has been very black for quite some time. Sure there are whites in South Africa, but that hasn’t exactly worked out too well. There were a handful of whites who tried to make a go of Uganda, that is until Idi Amin kicked their fish-belly white asses out. Amin confiscated their farms, something that’s been done in other African countries, leaving black who knew nothing about farming to run the newly confiscated territory.

“Reparation bitches!”

White people got the last laugh, however as the black farmers failed, and the population damn near starved!

As white people would say,

“Black power! With white supervision!”

I suspect that despite the news of the global ranking, there will be no rush of white meddling Liberals to jump on the first planes to the Dark Continent. No, America’s white racist Liberals are content to keep bothering American blacks, hoping that European whites will do their dirty work.

Let’s hope that white Liberals will forego their white privilege and help make African countries happy by moving there. Maybe if the next American president is from the GOP, he will mandate this exodus!

Fingers crossed.

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