The Problem with Black Professors

I have chronicled the black racists who have infiltrated wackademia, and there are many. Show me a black professor who doesn’t teach STEM classes, and odds are he or she is an anti-American, Obama-loving Leftist moron who should be nowhere near a college or university.

I did a story on one such wackademic who proclaimed that God is a white racist.

At the University of Missouri where recent inconsequential “racism” was proclaimed, there are still problems. They can’t retain black professors.

According to Fox News 2,

Black faculty members at the University of Missouri say the school needs to reconsider retention tactics if it hopes to recruit and keep faculty of color.


Black faculty often spend more time mentoring non-white students and faculty, making arguments for promotion, and participating on boards and committees, challenges that have been enough for some to leave.

Allow me to translate: black professors are babysitters to black “students.”

The recent developments at the University of Missouri could not be more revealing, as a group of entitled black babies whined about cries of unverified racism…off campus. Can you imagine any of these little Princesses breaking the color barrier back in the day?

Jack Johnson, Jackie Robinson, and a host of other trendsetting blacks would be embarrassed by these black buffoons.

Last fall, the student agitators called Concerned Student 1950 demanded an increase in black faculty and staff at the university to 10 percent, up from the current 2.8 percent, by the 2017 to 2018 academic year. Because white teachers apparently aren’t good enough to teach these Affirmative Action morons?

These kids have had black teachers most of their lives and can’t read. Here are some statistics I got from The Black Star Project:

  1. Only 7 out of 100 (7%) of 8th-grade Black boys in Chicago read proficiently according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.
  2. Only 6 out of 100 (6%) of Black male high school students in Chicago will attain a college degree by age 26 according to a study by the University of Chicago’s Consortium for Chicago School Research.
  3. Only 41 out of 100 (41%) of Black males in Chicago graduate from high according to the Schott Foundation for Public Education.

And Concerned Students 1950 want to blame universities. There were lots of bread crumbs leading to this path of devastation, and long before these babies got to college. But there is one common denominator: Liberalism.


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