This Egyptian Should Work for the RNC

The Republican National Committee has been scheming to take Trump out for some time, but has been unsuccessful. Perhaps they have not exhausted all efforts.

As reported by CBS News,

A flight student from Egypt is facing deportation from the United States after being investigated by federal agents for posting on his Facebook page that he was willing to kill Donald Trump and the world would thank him.

While U.S. prosecutors have not charged 23-year-old Emadeldin Elsayed with a crime, immigration authorities arrested him last month at the Los Angeles-area flight school he attended and now are trying to deport him, attorney Hani Bushra said Wednesday.

Elsayed, who is being held in a jail in Orange, California, is devastated at seeing his dreams of becoming a pilot dashed over what Bushra acknowledged was a foolish social media post. An immigration court hearing will determine whether Elsayed will be deported.

Does this bolster Donald Trump’s notion that we need to take a closer look at the Muslims in this country?

I don’t want to go all “9-11” on you, but the fact is we have a Muslim attending flight school in Los Angeles? TRIGGER WARNING, pardon the Liberal pun.

Talk about the irony of 9-11 and San Bernadino.

And you can BET this radical Muslim was NOT on Obama’s watch list.




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