What’s Up With These Dead Broke Liberals

Tyga flashing money

What’s up with these “dead broke” Liberals. I guess when you worship at the altar of Hillary Clinton, you must follow in old girl’s footsteps.

Kanye West, 50 Cent, and now Tyga!

Two of the three broke ass rappers are involved with Kardashians. You’d think one of them could have landed Chelsea Clinton, that’s if the Clintons were cross-burning racist, but I digress.

According to the Daily Mail, Tyga, boyfriend to Kylie Jenner appears to be in a bit of financial trouble. TMZ has reported that a repo company is after him for not making payments on his 2013 Mercedes G-Wagon. After seeing what that looked like, my thought was LET THEM TAKE IT BACK! YUCK!

But to each his own, as Tyga bought the same car for his ex, (and Kanye’s ex…I know) Blac Chyna, who isn’t even “blac”.

And talk about pathetic, as Tyga supposedly paid $233,000 for the vehicle, a birthday gift for Kylie, (she denies it), and now he hiding the thing at friends’ houses.

Why, because that “Tyga” ain’t made a payment since October.

According to sources, the car is parked at Kylie’s place, but the repo people can’t get through her not one, but TWO security gates.

The Daily Mail article continues,

This is not the first time Tyga has had financial woes, as the star was previously slapped with tax liens totaling $120,000 and has faced eviction due to non-payment of rent.

Earlier this month Page Six reported that an unlawful detainer notice was delivered to the $4.8million property that the rapper is renting, and legal papers which are part of the eviction process name Michael Ray Stevenson – Tyga’s birth name – as the defendant.

The only guy faring well with a Kardashian is Lamar Odom, who got his Kardashian to pay his $80,000 hooker bill in Nevada.

I’m not one to butt in to other’s business, but I suggest Kanye and Tyga have their girls hang with Lamar’s ex, Khloe. She knows how to treat a dude!

You can bet that Tyga will continue to front, showcasing all his cash. I’m sure he has a safe investment strategy (Kylie), and he will teach his children how to prepare for the future…as a broke ass rapper.


Tyga's mansion








Kylie may be helping more than I originally thought, as she is auctioning items on eBay.






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