White Privilege and the Stupidity Around It

The military may have its issues, but race is no longer one of them. But that doesn’t stop the “distortionists.”

As taxpaying Americans it is our duty to stop this type of nonsense. More than half the country doesn’t believe in this idiocy, and yet our tax dollars go to pay for it.

The concept of “white privilege” runs rampant throughout wackademia, and now it permeates society with actual conferences dedicated to this insanity. The people who attend are wackademics or bureaucrats soaking up tax dollars as universities, corporations, and government agencies send their white people for indoctrination and ridicule.

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The idea of “white guilt” is patently racist, as it implies that white people are better than non-whites by birth. When did all white people become fricking “royals?” I know a lot of white people, and I conclude that not a single one of them is better than I. And I no better than they.

So it’s one thing that Liberals have civilian white people running for cover, but the military? I learned in the Daily Wire that white privilege classes were taught to at least one military group.

Judicial Watch unveiled the details of a “white privilege” course that hundreds of U.S. Army soldiers were forced to take in April 2015. The class instructed the soldiers on one of the social justice movement’s pet themes: that American society is “organized according to race,” with the “white and male and heterosexual” citizens given special “privileges.”

The white privilege slideshow-based course was presented to 400 soldiers in the 67th Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon, Georgia, on April  2, 2015. Judicial Watch obtained a copy of it in response to a Freedom of Information Act request they sent out after word of the reportedly “unsanctioned” course leaked out last year. Judicial Watch posted the contents of that “Equal Opportunity” slideshow course Wednesday (full text below).

“Race privilege gives whites little reason to pay a lot of attention to African Americans,” reads one slide, followed by an anonymous quote: “To be white in American [sic] means not having to think about it.”

This type of BS is the result of meddling whites who want to cash in on race. They make fortunes. And stupid is the black person who buys into this poppycock.

There is nobody who will ever convince me that I’m less because of the color of my skin.



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