A Workplace Benefit the Left Will Hate

With the Left’s hatred of Christianity, one can only wonder how they will handle this “wellness” program.

The lecherous Left don’t believe America was founded on Judeo-Christian values, so it would be no surprise that they don’t know the history of how religion and capitalism went hand in hand. In fact, one might argue that the secularism, ergo the Leftism of America is a major reason for the destruction of America’s businesses.

Godlessness in business has led to the rise of “crony capitalism,” as well as companies no longer being focused on doing great work. Leftism has led to the “me generation,” where companies are all about capitulating to the special interests. The fall in profits has led to “profiteering,” and bad business practices.

Employees are less humanitarian, as well. They are under amazing amounts of stress to get more from less, and that has impacted the bottom lines of corporations negatively.

So putting the church back into corporate culture is not only good for the company, it’s good for the employee it turns out.

According to The Atlantic, Pastors were a vital part of the Industrial Revolution.

Pastors have long hung out with workers. During the Industrial Revolution, they would preach from factory floors. Nineteenth-century Catholic teachings declared it the Church’s duty to support the working poor. And in the Great Depression, industry titans hired chaplains to visit workers on the Hoover Dam.

But in recent years, a number of companies have gone one step further: They’ve hired spiritual leaders to serve on their staffs. Though slightly less trendy than nap rooms and yoga classes, workplace chaplaincies are another attempt to make workers more productive by catering to their “whole” selves. Sometimes, these chaplains serve as spiritual social workers, advising staffers about everything from divorce to cancer. They might conduct weddings or funerals; they’ll often refer people to local churches and, at times, professional psychologists.

And as I mentioned above, companies are beginning to understand that the lack of a higher power, ergo morality and ethics is hurting business.

The article continues,

Religion is good for the soul and the bottom line it turns out.

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