Attacked Because She Was White

Even if you’re supposedly “sick,” as in mentally ill, there is no reason to slash somebody randomly, and certainly not for simply being white.

As the New York Post reported,

A man who was arrested for randomly slashing a woman’s neck earlier this month in Brooklyn told police he attacked her because she is white, police sources said.

Gregory Alfred, 25, told police he set out to find white people to slice back on Mar. 10 because he blamed them and “the system” for preventing him from freely smoking weed, sources said.

The slasher chose to take out his anger on 53-year-old Janina Popko, and cut her across the neck as she was walking near the corner of Beverly and Rugby roads that morning in Ditmas Park, sources said.

And you can bet there are plenty of black Liberals and enabling white idiot Liberals who actually understand Gregory Alfred’s motivation for weed that caused him to slash a white woman. Recall Al Sharpton’s rationalization for Michael Brown, Jr’s theft at the store that eventually led to his death, whereby Sharpton said, [pp] “What Michael Brown Jr did was not theft.”

We NOW live in a culture of hate. America had outgrown the devious hateful nature of Democrats, until we elected a half-black Democrat who is a demagogue, particularly when it comes to race.

Any real president and other civic leaders would be doing all they can to stop this racially motivated violence, which are hate crimes. The mentally ill get their “messages” from society, which is why we have so many attacks by the mentally ill. Liberal America breeds violence, manufactures and warehouses violence, then they blame everything but their policies.

This man was indeed mentally ill, and you can bet he is a Liberal Democrat.



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