Black Liberals’ Beef with The Clintons

Hillary Clinton has been walking a fine line with black people, the only love for her being black Liberals undying love for the Party of the Klan.

Hillary has done her obligatory pandering to blacks, attending church recently in Brooklyn to remind people that she is willing to pander. Further, Hillary met a while back with the Left’s new version of Martin Luther King, Jr., namely Deray McKesson of #BlackLivesMatter.

The fact remains that neither Hillary Clinton nor other Leftist cares for black people, they just care about the black vote.

Truth be told, Democrats like Hillary understand what they have created in the black community. Hillary spelled it out a while back when she commented on black super predators, while defending the bill her husband and president at the time Bill Clinton signed into law. This bill put lots of black men in prison, most rightfully so.

These weren’t bad black people, but good people put in bad circumstances created by Liberal Democrats.

Bill Clinton was right to defend the policy, but he’s wrong not to state its root cause.

Hillary Clinton will find herself between a rock and a hard place, should she avoid jail, beat Bernie and get the Democratic nomination. For blacks of her ilk, she is not the Second Coming of Obama, but somebody who will face the music of her previous statements.

Let’s see if the Republicans will seize the day on this issue. Should be a slam dunk.




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