How Black Lives Matter Partners With the KKK

Let’s start off with a little story because I’m unsure how well known this event is outside of Colorado.

Once upon a time, Martin Luther King Jr. Day of 1992 to be exact, the KKK decided to hold a rally on the steps of the state capitol in Denver. Their application had been rejected twice by the Governor, Roy Romer, and their First Amendment right had to be upheld by a federal judge with the support of the ACLU. They came to speak their piece and protest the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. as a national holiday. They chose that day intentionally to be as provocative as possible.

That day about a hundred Klan members were gathered. They were surrounded by about four times as many Denver police to shield them from about sixty times as many counter protesters, many of whom wanted blood. To them, the First Amendment doesn’t apply to the KKK, unless you count snowballs, rocks, bricks, and bottles being thrown at the Klan. They met hate and ignorance with hate, ignorance, mayhem, and violence. The loathsome Klan members stood on the steps of the capitol and attempted to leave by bus, while the peaceful, loving Reverend King supporters hurled the aforementioned items at police, vandalized cop cars, and assaulted two Foot Locker employees in the process of looting the store. (Admittedly, Foot Locker uniforms are half white.)

This is the mad world the social justice warriors have wrought, and we would see this again.

During the Ferguson riots in a town less than 30 miles away people awoke one morning to find flyers from the KKK offering neighborhood watches. The good guys of this story would smash your windows, loot and burn your business, throw a glass bottle in your face, and then have the audacity to call you a racist. Meanwhile the Klan, the freaking Klan, is offering protection. Social justice warriors are doing their recruitment for them. Clearly, peace and healing are not in their agenda. Here is a video from that day.

Back to Denver.

The mayor of Denver at the time, Wellington Webb, participated in the Dr. King rally that originally started down the street, became a march that went by the capitol steps in a sign of solidarity against the white supremacists, and eventually erupted in rioting. Today, a municipal building bearing his name, the building that conducts Denver’s city government business including the District Attorney’s office mind you, has a bunch of lovely artwork on display. and the artwork is causing problems.

The piece creating the most stir depicts a white cop wearing a white hood pointing a gun at a black boy with his hands up wearing a hoodie. In the background the American flag is tearing away to reveal the Confederate flag underneath. On top of the hateful message it represents, it is fundamentally dishonest at every possible level. But art is simply expression, and an artist cannot be called out for misrepresenting their subject anymore than John Stewart could be called out for any BS on the Daily Show, no matter how many of the young and stupid used to receive their news from him. Hey, it’s just comedy, it doesn’t have to be the truth.

It goes without saying, but a large number of cops in this country are not white, and certainly most are not racist. Half of the officers involved in the Freddie Gray incident shared his skin tone, which to SJW’s is probably the real version of black on black violence. The kid in the hoodie, Trayvon Martin was not shot by a white person or a cop. And he wasn’t a little kid, either.

“Hands up” has been so thoroughly debunked that anyone who still buys into it should have their driver’s license revoked because they are mentally incapable of operating a motor vehicle. But that’s the whole point, really.

The art is a lie, ergo a tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement. The art is based on feelings, not facts. Emotions, not reason. Retribution, not solutions. Hate, not love. The entire movement is as dishonest as the painting.

Which is why Democrats love it.

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