CA Provides Paid Vacations for Thugs?

Liberal America has an interesting way of dealing with the bad elements of society…they REWARD them. And it’s at all levels of the Liberal caste system.

Susan Rice got promoted for helping get four people killed in Benghazi and Hillary Clinton uses it as a badge of honor in her run for president. So why not pay street thugs for menacing society?!

And that’s just what the state of California is doing.

As reported in Yahoo News,

Dawaun Rice is just 19 years old, but he’s already lost seven friends to gun violence, he said. Two of them were brothers who were shot on the same day.

Grappling with an urge to avenge his friends’ violent murders, Rice pulled out his phone and considered whether to set a plan in motion for retaliation.

“I have to sit back, and I’ve gotta think, whether to go left or whether to go right,” he said.

After a few moments, he puts away his phone without making a move.

This potent mix of pain, anger and teenagers with guns once made Rice’s hometown of Richmond, California — across the Bay from San Francisco — one of the deadliest cities in the country. Here, the streets are hunting grounds where young men run for their lives as they try to escape the bullets.

In 2007, the city brought in DeVone Boggan, a youth development policy professional with an expertise in chronic violent offenders and the founder of the Office of Neighborhood Safety, who came up with a controversial solution: Pay young men like Rice not to pull the trigger. The better the behavior, the better the paycheck.

This month, Rice got the maximum — $1,300.

Rice is just one of two-dozen men in an 18-month-long fellowship that’s run out of Boggan’s Office of Neighborhood Safety or “ONS,” mostly funded by taxpayers.

I understand the concept of getting these kids out of their instinctive elements, but society must look at the root causes of what created their elements. These kids live in war zones created by Liberalism.

Most are fatherless, latchkey kids for the most part, the product of single mothers too stupid to look for real men. They are corralled into neighborhoods, which are veritable prisons, the onus to keep them in check given to their black overseers, and a few unlucky cops.

What is a child doing things right to think; the child who braves the gauntlet daily to get to school and then gets good grades? What happens to the children who help others in the neighborhood, and behave with decorum? Does he or she get a paid vacation?


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