Democrats More Out of Touch Than Republicans

Bernie Sanders was supposed to be long gone by now. But he’s that annoying cobweb that Hillary Clinton keeps running into when she goes in her basement of old ideas.

Sanders raised $44 million recently. That’s not “dead broke” Hillary money, but it does give sanders the financial means to fight on. This is not good news for Hillary Clinton, as the demographic that Sanders brings isn’t exactly high on Hills.

According to Salon,

Mounting evidence shows that because of millennials’ ties through social media, younger voters do not think of themselves in the same radically self-obsessed, anti-government and entitled consumer ways their boomer parents did. Instead, they tend to see themselves as empowered but also a part of a collective, a social fabric, individual but cooperative, and because of this they value tolerance and equality. Most boomers were anxious to establish their independence; the data show millennials are not. Already the 20-44 population demographic is 8 percent larger than the 45-69 demo, it is significantly less self-focused, it sees the problems differently, indeed the problems are different, and reactive, self-focused politics are no longer necessarily the best way forward. And that means there is, lying there, waiting to be fully awakened, a new, powerful coalition that can reshape American politics by focusing on the common good, while respecting the rights of the individual. Not an either/or, a both/and. A new holistic politics where our shared interests unite us together.

This is Clinton’s biggest danger and biggest opportunity: that she stands on the cusp and may not fully embrace its changing values, and so let the opportunity slip by. Looking back at the video footage of 25 years ago, one can see see a beautiful, brilliant, driven Hillary Clinton, fighting to eke out even gains in a culture of economic, political, psychological and social selfishness with a strong Republican current flowing against her. And yet she had the idealism to make that fight then.

Hillary Clinton now defines the very woman these Millennials fight against. It is Clinton who is the epitome of selfishness, and Sanders points that out daily. Sure, his followers are delusional, but they can at least see that Hillary Clinton IS the problem.

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The article continues,

But Clinton may forever be a woman out of step with her time: once too idealistic and now too strategic. Consider the messaging of Texas congressman Chris Bell, who told the Dallas Morning News that:

“I completely understand youthful idealism; I had plenty of it. And I certainly understand the anger that has turned many Sanders’ way. But idealism and anger are not going to change our state; that is only going to happen when Democrats once again become competitive statewide. Along with a lot of others, I am so tired of toiling in the trenches for the Democratic Party and then watching as we form a circular firing squad. We need to seize this opportunity we’ve been handed. We need to be relevant once again.”

It’s humorous to hear Clinton deny the very message of her generation of Leftists. Her ilk should never be relevant, and the Sanders supporters know this. In a strange sort of way they side with Conservatives. At their core, there are many of them who detest the establishment, period. We put a label on their anger, calling it Republican or Democrat, but it’s simply anger at a government who allows the haves to get more, and create more have nots.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor the Democratic Party can bridge that gap, as they have been exposed. The fallout is interesting to watch, given how it is a no win proposition for Clinton. If she follows the Sanders strategy, she’s a socialist. If she continues down her path, she’s establishment. Either way, she loses.




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