Drunk Girl at Frat Party Ruins Life of Athlete

This story is very interesting, as a former Stanford University swimmer has been found guilty of rape. If it were your garden variety date-rape story, I’d say throw this kid under the jail.

But the story has societal (Leftist) implications that cannot be ignored.

The story involves 20-year-old Brock Turner from Dayton, Ohio. Turner was an all-American swimmer from Stanford who was arrested after raping an unconscious woman outside a fraternity party in January 2015.

Sounds ominous, right?

Turner admitted that he fondled the unnamed victim – a 23-year-old UC Santa Barbara graduate who lived in Palo Alto – but has always denied that he raped the woman.

He was arrested around 1am on January 18, 2015  when two graduate students bicycling on campus saw him through bushes outside the fraternity house, as he was on top of a woman who wasn’t moving.

The report is that the two graduate students caught Turner in the act and pinned Turner, at the time a 19-year old freshman, to the ground until police arrived on the scene. I’m cool with this, given the circumstances. Let the police sort things out.

Here are the details.

The victim testified at the trial, saying she decided to go to the party with her younger sister and two of her younger sister’s friends. According to what she told police, she drank about four shots of whiskey before heading to the frat house for the party. After getting to the party, she started on Vodka.

In her court testimony, she described her state of drunkeness as going from ‘buzzed’ and ‘silly’ to ‘very out of it’ and ‘not articulating much.’ At a point later on she recalled one of her sister’s friends handing her a beer. She testified that she didn’t drink much of it, and she doesn’t remember meeting Turner.

She woke up in the hospital with no memory of the attack and a sheriff’s deputy telling her she may have been the victim of sexual assault.

I want to stop here for a second.

She has no memory of the sexual assault, so it stands to reason that she has no memory of whether she consented. Now before you start in with her need to be coherent to consent, it works both ways.

For the record, the victim had three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system at the time of the incident, described as black-out drunk, and thus unable to consent to having sex. Turner had two times the legal amount of alcohol in his system, but testified on the stand that he was able to walk and talk normally. I don’t care what he testified, as he was black out drunk, for the most part.

So if she needs to be coherent to consent, he would need to be coherent to comprehend her consent.

Nobody deserves to be raped. But is this really rape? We flatly don’t know.

He told the jury that he and the victim agreed to go back to his dorm room and that she was a willing participant in the sex they had outside the fraternity party. Hard to believe that a drunk girl going to a frat party meets an athletic stud and decides to have sex?

This girl was getting drunk before she went out, and she was out with her girlfriends! Why aren’t they being charged.

I abhor rapists, and would gladly cut the balls off of any man who would rape a woman. But this story stinks on ice, and likely ruined the future of a kid who shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place.

Interesting, prosecutors described Turner as the ‘quintessential face of campus sexual assault’ as they implored the jury to look past his youthful looks and judge him based on what was described as the shocking evidence.

Yes, shocking that a college age girl goes to a frat party drunk and might end up having sex. Shocking! You can be that if that jock had been passed out and some butt-ugly co-ed was riding him hard, nothing would be said or done. Well, except the teasing he’d get from his friends as he see his blacked-out body being ridden by some girl that looks like a younger Janet Reno.


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