Earth Day and Racist Leftists Who Founded It

As usual, Liberal tribute days are rife with hypocrisy, and Earth Day is one such hypocrisy.

You want to know where lead smelters are? In poor, usually black neighborhoods.Cancer clusters are located where bourgeois white Liberals would NEVER be caught dead.

These cocktail sipping weenies celebrate Earth Day, because they occasionally recycle an aluminum can or have their maids ask for paper at the supermarket. Liberals claim to love the Earth. They want to protect it.

Where do most Liberals live? Where is the worst pollution in the country? Where is the most litter in America? For the Liberals who read my articles, the answer is CITIES!

Have you visited one of these hell holes? Perhaps you live in one. If you are black, the likelihood goes up geometrically that you reside in an urban indoctrination center, which means Earth Day is not for you:

According the Jet Magazine, blacks suffer the most from the environment.

Historically, Black leaders such as Mary Lou Oates and Freddie Mae Brown, inserted themselves in the environmental movement. The two women, who fought against poverty in the 1960s and 1970s, inserted themselves into the environmental movement to ensure that white liberals were looking at clean air and water for everybody and not just white neighborhoods. They worked hand in hand with prominent political leaders to fight for justice in Black communities. Environmentalism is just as revolutionary and political today as it was then, and it’s important that we fight for environmental justice and against eco-racism just as hard as leaders did during decades past.

Too often, African American communities are built in areas where there is environmental pollution. As an example, in Chicago Illinois’ Altgeld Gardens, a community on the city’s South Side, was built on an abandoned landfill in 1945. People living here, according to a study done in 1984, had excessive rates of lung cancer, prostate, and bladder cancer, along with high rates of children born with brain tumors, asthma, and ringworms. Despite being in the middle of what the EPA has labeled a “toxic donut,” nothing has been done to move the residents of Altgeld Gardens.

The Left will never tell you the real truth behind their “save the whatever” issues. All their issues need are clever catchphrases, and they can get their minions to support Devil worship.

The fact is that Earth Day, Social Security, The New Deal, The Great Society, Planned Parenthood, and a host of other Leftist causes are all patently racist.

Don’t expect black Liberals to know or care, because all this information is contained in books. Black Liberals watch MSNBC, stupid sitcoms on BET, and hip hop, so they will never see it coming.




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