Facebook Targets Bernie Sanders

Social media companies like Facebook are too powerful. We have documented organizations that have spent hundreds of thousands of man-hours and dollars on Facebook, only to be shut down for absolutely nothing.

Many times these organizations are targeted, and Facebook’s faceless technology simply deletes the page.

And if you think the IRS went after Conservatives, you should see what the Left does to us.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign felt the sting of such attacks, as reported in Salon:

Several Bernie Sanders Facebook groups and pages were deleted from Facebook on Monday night outraging the democratic socialist’s supporters. The removals occurred around the same time in what appeared to be a targeted attack, with members questioning whether they came from a Hillary Clinton Super PAC, according to Heavy.com.

 The suspicion comes after Shaun King from The Daily News reported that a pro-Clinton PAC, called “Barrier Breakers,” was spending $1 million to troll Bernie supporters on social sites like Instagram, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

Bernie Sanders Facebook groups, some with over 50,000 users, were removed from Facebook in what seems to have been a planned out attack on Monday while Sanders was talking at a Town Hall. The groups have now all been reinstated after being down for three hours, between 9 p.m. to midnight on Monday according to US Uncut.


It’s great to see the Left go after each other. The tactics are the same as if they are going after Conservatives. Sanders’ mistake is challenging the woman who would be king.

At some point somebody will sue Facebook and other social media sites, and win. However until then, these gestapo tactics will continue. That’s why Conservatives need to know where to go, where this type of thing won’t happen, and that place is here.

Joining Tea Party Community is a very necessary first step to winning the country back, as we must wage Conservative jihad against the Left.

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