False Reports Attack on Muslim: Guess Who Media Blamed?

The media has a narrative, and that narrative goes against common sense…period!

Americans don’t fear Muslim, as we are just leery of them, and rightfully so. Many are evil and want us dead for no good reason.

But for the American anti-American, America-hating media, Muslims are the good guys.

So when a story broke about an attack on a Muslim, a vehicle hit and run, it was reported as some “far right” nutbag. As we found out at Breitbart, this was not the case.

The journalists and publications which implied the hit and run in Molenbeek this weekend was a ‘far right’ anti Islam attack had no evidence to suggest that it was as they reported, but they knew what story they wanted to write.

That’s why most hesitantly wrote “during” a “far right demonstration” instead of bluntly labelling the driver a “far right activist” as did the Daily Mail, the first publication to report on the story.

So it’s bad enough these people jumped to conclusions, or better yet just decided to set the narrative, they didn’t even have the decency to correct it.

Instead of acknowledging the categorical error, or clearly reporting the truth as it emerged, however, the Mail quietly edited their original article, burying the factual change three quarters of the way down the page, and failing to issue a correction or clarification.

Their headline shifted from: “…Muslim Women Is Mown Down By Grinning Far-Right Activist”, to, “…By Grinning Driver…” (see above) and the critical new details only appeared in the sixth paragraph:

“Police later announced that they had arrested two men, believed to have been the car’s driver and passenger, who have been named as Redouane B. and Mohamed B – both of whom are thought to be residents of Molenbeek.”

The guy who actually did the hit and run was indeed another Muslim, a local Muslim teenager.


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