Hillary Clinton’s Russian Sister

This is a story about how a Russian woman uses black runners to feather her own nest.

This Russian woman could be Hillary Clinton’s sister, given her ability and cleverness in using black people.

As reported in Big Story

Larisa Mikhaylova’s business model is simple: In exchange for a cut of their prizes, she enters Kenyan runners into far-flung U.S. road races that are small enough to be winnable but still large enough to offer modest cash rewards to top finishers.

Those smaller races usually can’t afford expensive drug-testing.

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An investigation by U.S. anti-doping officials and track’s world governing body into distance runners from Kenya has now zeroed in on the Russian agent, whose racers have had a remarkable success rate but also a string of positive drug tests, nearly all at races in Mexico. Mikhaylova insists she is blameless, but some U.S. races are refusing to work with her group of athletes.

A woman with a nefarious goal uses black people–in this case, runners–to thwart the system is a “made for TV” movie f it for a lecherous political queen. And like with all stories where lecherous whites (Leftists) win, black people lose.

As the article continues,

When Kenyan runner Lilian Mariita finished second at the Great Buffalo Chase 5K on July 4, 2015, in Frankfort, Kentucky, she picked up $2,500. But her whole way of life — competing in small races across the U.S., and sending winnings home to her poor village in western Kenya — crumbled.

“I used to rely on this for money and I don’t know what is left for me,” Mariita said, sobbing in the modest home built with her U.S. winnings.

Normally, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency would have no reason to police the race. This time, acting on a tip, drug testers were waiting, and steroids were found in Mariita’s urine sample. The 27-year-old was banned for eight years, the longest of any Kenyan runner, and is now back in her village of Nyaramba.

The outcome is that many of these African runners will be banned. Who knows if these runners could have competed “clean,” because Mikhaylova schemed to give them a little, as she took lots, including most of their money and most certainly all of their futures.



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